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At Wildfire, we make sure that you choose the Business Energy Provider with the best deal for you. We are 100% impartial and have full market access – with over 20 different suppliers’ competitive rates.

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What We Do at Wildfire Energy

Our specialised business energy consultants can offer businesses, regardless of size or sector, the opportunity to secure the most cost-efficient business energy tariffs on the market.  Searching the business electricity gas market using over 20 suppliers ensures you find the most competitive business energy for your organisation.  Even better; our service is completely free; we earn a commission from the business energy suppliers. 

Third party costs and other market fluctuations have resulted in business energy costs to rise year-on-year. Our advanced software solutions allow us to monitor the market and advise you on the best business energy prices. In contract already? No problem, forward purchasing allows you to guarantee a business energy rate in advance. We can help you to find a fixed rate tariff that will allow you to take control of the rising prices, even before your contract is up for renewal. Call us now on 0345 466 7722 or contact us for a quote.

Gas Procurement

Gas Procurement

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Electricity Procurement

Electricity Procurement

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We’ve helped business owners save ££££'s on their energy bills.

Are you ready to save on your business energy costs?

How can Wildfire Energy save me money?

‘It can become extremely time-consuming when it comes to purchasing business energy
and prices can vary by 28% between business energy providers.

We can take care of everything for you and remove the stress. It costs nothing to use our
service, no fees at all, we take a commission from the business energy providers.

We search for the best business energy rates, manage your new and existing suppliers, take care of the contract admin and can also offer advice for solutions to reduce your carbon emissions and bills.

  • We take the pain out of switching business energy suppliers
  • Save your time – let us search the market for you
  • It is a free service, no costs or fees – we make a commission from the energy company
  • We manage the switch from your old business energy supplier to your new one
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Four reasons to choose Wildfire Energy

Fortunately, you will not have to read through countless business energy quotes. Finding energy suppliers for business can be both frustrating and time consuming. At Wildfire energy we do all the legwork, you carry on running your business and we make sure we find your business the best business energy prices, whether this be business electricity or business gas.

You are right, there are many business energy companies offering business rates for electricity and gas although many of them are faceless automated websites and only allow you to compare business energy prices online.  

Wildfire Energy take the time to get to know your business and your business energy needs. Our business energy consultants are energy experts and will design plans that meet your commercial energy usage.

We are not only a business energy broker, our business energy consultants want to see how we can reduce your energy consumption with business energy solutions such as advice on LED lighting, energy tips and other gas and electricity business ideas.

We are also very proud to offer 100% renewable energy tariffs from 5 key suppliers. All the tariffs are 100% green, all generated by wind turbine. Surprisingly, some of the green business energy tariffs can be the same price as our normal business gas and electric rates.

Yes, any size of business can use our free business energy broker service. We provide small business energy prices as well as corporate business energy pricing and ensure all businesses have the same quality customer service.

We have found that, in particular, small business electricity costs have risen over the last few years but have made sure that we have a niche group of small business electricity providers that are competitive.

Equally, we have formed relationships with our suppliers to ensure large business energy users have the most competitive business gas and business electricity rates.

Generally, we would look to re-sign your business energy contract at least 3 months before the end of your current energy contracts. In some rare cases you can sign a contract 5 years in advance although this is uncommon.

By signing a new contract, it ensures you receive the quoted business energy price at the end of your current energy contract. For example, ABC Ltd are contracted in on their business electricity tariff until December 2021. Wildfire Energy submit a quote that saves them 20% off their current supplier. ABC Ltd commit to the new tariff and secure themselves a competitive business electric price. The new tariff will not come into force until December 2021, but the customer has the peace of mind that when December arrives, they will be on the reduced business electric contract. 

Our Suppliers

Energy Suppliers

We only work with the most trusted and reliable business energy suppliers and have carefully selected the very best to work with. By working with a wide range of business energy suppliers alongside our advanced market rate software, we can access the best business gas and electric pricing available across the energy market instead of manually comparing quotes from each supplier.