5 ways to save on your business gas plan

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With the frigid winter months upon us, you may be wondering how you can save money on your business gas plan without your employees and customers freezing their toes off all winter.

It’s a difficult balance to strike at the best of times, but when you add the economic pressure that’s come with the virus whose name shall not be spoken, the need to cut costs has become even more urgent.

While the government has offered support for some businesses who are struggling to pay their bills, anywhere we business folk can save a little extra is always welcome.

So, here are a few ways you can reduce the cost of your business gas plan:

Try reducing your gas consumption

I know, I know, we’re stating the glaringly obvious here. But while a lot of businesses are aware that reducing how much gas they use will have a significant impact on how much they pay for their gas, many are unsure about how they can do just that.

If, for example, you’re running a service business like a hairdresser or a spa where customer comfort is a high priority, asking people to layer up their clothing to keep warm probably doesn’t feel like an option. Is it really possible to save without sacrificing comfort?

According to the Carbon Trust, an organisation dedicated to reducing carbon emissions worldwide, it is possible.

In fact, they found that turning down your heating by just 1 degree can help you save up to 8% on your gas bill.

They also recommend that you keep your heating at around the 19-degree mark, and even lower if you or your employees are doing a lot of physical activity.

And if there are areas in your building that mostly go unused such as corridors or storage rooms, then turning the heating off completely in those areas could help reduce your gas bill even more.

There’s another, perhaps less direct way you can gain more control over how much gas your business uses:

By installing smart energy devices

Smart devices, which include smart meters and smart thermostats, allow you to monitor and control how gas is used throughout your business.


Let’s start with smart meters

Many business energy suppliers provide their customers with smart meters that tell you how much gas you’re using. You can get readings sent directly to the device of your choice, as often as every thirty minutes, making it easier to track your gas usage throughout the day.

What’s that got to do with saving on your business gas?

Like they say knowledge is power. If you don’t know how much your energy is costing you’re less likely to pay attention to how much you’re consuming, but when it’s right in front of your face at regular intervals, then that can encourage you to make changes as it’s at the forefront of your mind.

Smart thermostats

With smart thermostats, you can control when your heating comes on. That means you can save more on your gas plan because you’ll only be using your gas when you most need it. At night time or on weekends when your building is barely in use, you’ll no longer have to worry about whether or not you accidentally left the heating on and turning in your sleep while your smart meter informs you how much you’re currently consuming as you lay awake.

Speaking of consumption, here’s another great way to reduce your business gas bill:

Going green

With non-renewable resources quickly going out of fashion as more and more individuals and businesses recognise the devastating impact greenhouse gases are having on our atmosphere, the cost of using renewable energy is better than ever.

In fact, renewable energy is becoming one of the cheapest forms of energy across the board. In addition to this, the government offers tax breaks for businesses that are taking steps to reduce their carbon footprint.

So, if you’re interested in doing your bit to heal the environment, while also saving your business some money long-term, then using a renewable energy supplier is something you should consider.

If you’ve tried reducing your gas consumption and you’re still finding that the cost of your gas is higher than average, then there’s another way you can cut costs:

Get a business gas audit

Gas audits (and energy audits in general) involve a business energy expert visiting your business’ premises and doing an evaluation of your energy consumption and equipment.

Once the assessment is complete, the auditor will give you suggestions for how you can reduce your gas bill. These suggestions could be as simple as the ones we’ve given above, or they may be a little more complex, for example installing more gas efficient equipment.

If your business consumes a large amount of energy, and you’re at a loss about how you can reduce said consumption, then contact us today and let’s set up an audit for your business. It’s completely free and could save you hundreds.

Finally, we’ve come to one of the easiest ways to save on your business gas plan, that unfortunately, many businesses overlook:

Switching to a different business gas plan

Maybe it’s because switching suppliers seems unnecessarily time-consuming (it doesn’t have to be), but whatever the reason is, the number one cause of excessively expensive business gas plans, is being on the wrong type of tariff for your business, or being on the same tariff for far too long and not making the most out of the current market.

More often than not, if you didn’t switch suppliers the last time your contract came up for renewal, then it’s likely you’re paying a lot more than you should be for your business gas plan.

If you’re on a fixed term and your contract still has some time left on it, then you won’t be able to change immediately unless you want to pay a fee for ending your contract early, however you can lock in your next tariff at today’s prices so you don’t potentially end up paying more later down the line.

Before you go…

Here are a few things you can do to get a business energy deal that suits your budget and matches your energy needs.

  1. If you’re thinking about switching or you need some guidance choosing a supplier talk to one of our experts for free advice and support.
  2. If you’re ready to make the switch then fill out this form, and we’ll send you a free quote that’s easy to understand and tailored to your business.

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